Türkiye: Cappadocia and Lycian Way

On this expedition you will have the opportunity of riding in two of the most beautiful and scenic as well as historically rich regions of Türkiye, Cappadocia , known from Persian times as 'The Land of the Beautiful Horses is as UNESCO world heritage site and famous for it’s geological, historical and cultural features. Vulcanic eruptions and erosion over 10 000 years have formed the bizarre and unique landscape with its Fairy Chimneys – spikes of volcanic tuff. Byzantine christians have carved curches, houses and whole underground cities which could be closed off when being attacked into the soft stone, following generations have continued to use these caves up to the present day. Midweek you will fly to the coast and resume the ride with a new team of horses and guides but all belonging to the same equestrian family. The Lycian way, one of the most picturesque routes in the world, is a famous route, over 500 km long, starting from Hisarönü and stretching to Antalya. It takes its name from the ancient civilization Lycia, which once ruled the area. You will have a chance to travel along a small section of this route, visiting ancient sites and villages along the way and riding along beautiful Patara Beach. It is a perfect combination !

Departure & Return Location

Arrival in Nevsehir or Kayseri and departure Dalaman

Date and Rates

Contact us about 2024 dates

based on 8  riders: 2860 € per person sharing accommodation

small group supplement if fewer riders

·Single suplement for hotel 625 € for 8 nights. 

Price Includes

  • 8 nights, 9 days
  • All meals and accommodation in guest houses and small hotels
  • airport transfers
  • soft drink at meals
  • All transportation in destination location

Price Excludes

  • all flights ( internal flight to Dalaman is approx. 95 €)
  • tips and gratuities
  • private expenses
  • alcoholic drinks
  • travel insurance
  • entrance fees
What to Expect

This is an extraordinary ride put together for Imagine Riding and is suitable for intermediate and experienced riders. The horses are well-mannered, smooth gaited and spirited Arab and Arab/cross horses. Astride these horses you will explore the famed Cappadocian landscapes as well as after a half day flight travel to the coast, continue your journey along the historical Lycian Way. Be ready for some exhilarating days in the saddle where you will ride between 5-6 hours each day. The horses will be tacked up for you each day but you are welcome to help. The temperatures will be very pleasant this time of year in both regions. Turkish hospitality is legendary and you will be able to sample all the traditional dishes that these regions have to offer. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history as you pass by the many ancient sites, on horseback.

  • ride beautiful Arab and Arab cross horses full of stamina and spirit.
  • plenty of opportunities for faster riding
  • ride on the steppe as well as through secluded forests and dunes and beaches
  • learn about the local culture and traditions
  • immerse yourself in the fascinating history of these important regions


September 23 : Arrival 

You will arrive at either Kayseri Erkilet Airport or Nevşehir Airport, Cappadocia depending on your flight. You will be picked up by van from the airport and transfered to your hotel situated in the beautiful historic town of Mustafapaşa. Here you can either take a stroll around the town or relax at the hotel until dinner. At dinner you will meet your guide and discuss the days ahead. 

September 24 : Ride from Mustafapaşa to Golgoli

An authentic Turkish breakfast will be served from 8.30 am. Afterwards, you will be driven to the ranch which is located only minutes away, where the horses will be waiting for us. Your horse will be allocated to you and you will be given 2 water bottles that you can refill. Essentials such as a jacket, sunscreen, camera and snacks can be put into your saddle bags. We start by riding through Golgoli, which is one of the oldest sites of Mustafapaşa. You will have a tour through the ancient city Golgoli with a view of Damsa Dam. We will then stop and visit Keşlik Monastery that dates back to the 6th century and have our lunch nearby. There will be many opportunities to canter as we ride back to the ranch after our lunch. On the way, you will pass by a river where the horses can be taken swimming if the weather allows. Relax at the hotel at the end the day followed by dinner . 

September 25 : Ride from Mustafapasa to Göreme

After breakfast, we will be riding through the village of Mustafapaşa. We will first head to Tavşanlı Valley which has a mesmerising view and from there we will head towards Kızılçukur. After having a delicious lunch in Ortahisar, you will be able to enjoy panoramic views of the Güllüdere Valley. We then ride towards Göreme Valley and from there we will ride back to the ranch in Mustafapasa. After a long day in the saddle you can rest at the hotel and enjoy and later enjoy a traditional dinner.

September 26: Ride from Göreme to Avanos

After breakfast, you will start riding from Göreme, pass through Paşabağı and Zelve and have lunch near the monasteries from the 13th century. It will be a refreshing break both for you and the horses. Once you enjoyed the view, we will gallop through the fishermen village called Sarıhıdır and finally we’ll ride clean through the Kızılırmak River. We stop there to let the horses drink some water and refresh. From Kızılırmak, we will finish the day at second ranch in Avanos. You will then be picked up and transferred back to the hotel for the evening. You will have a rest at the hotel and end the day with dinner.

September 27: Departure Day And Arrival Dalaman

We will leave the hotel according to the flight times of our guests. Our journey will take approximately 1 hour to Dalaman Airport. You will arrive Dalaman Airport and shuttle transfers will take you to your accommodation, which will be around the equestrian center. Here, you will meet the team and have dinner. After dinner, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a guest house or hotel for your lodging and relax for your firstday on horseback.

September 28 : Ride from Karadare village to Pinara

After a good night sleep, you will enjoy a delicious traditional Turkish breakfast whilst overlooking beautiful ocean views. Following the breakfast, you will depart for the equestrian center to meet the horses. The first day’s ride will start from the village of Karadere where the horses are located, passing by the Ancient City of Kurucan (Sidyma) Pınara. After the day's ride you will transfer to Karadere village where you will stay overnight. You will staying in a guest house that nigh and there will be fireplaces but we suggest a warm layer for the evening.


September 29: ride from Karadare village to Patara

After breakfast, we depart from Karadere and set out for the ancient city of Letoon. We will visit the historical theater in the ancient city of Letoon. Then we continue our journey towards the ancient city of Xanthos by riding our horses along the Eşen river. We continue our journey to the ancient city of Xanthos, where the 3000-year-old Lycian civilization thrived.. We end the days ride by the sea and ride through the Patara Sand Dunes for a fun photo shoot. Afterwards we head to the hotel and get ready for dinner.



September 30 : Ride from Patara to Karadare Village 

After breakfast, we set off from the ancient city of Patara. We bring our horses back to Karadere village by riding our horses from the shore of Eşen river. At the end of the day we return to the hotel where we will stay overnight to rest.

October 01 : Departure Day

After the last breakfast at the hotel, you will be checking out and be transferred to Dalaman Airport for your flight out.

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