Ride Details

A ride through the mountains of northern Spain in the natural parks of Somiedo and Las Ubiñas-La Mesa. A protected area, rugged, little known, with incredible landscapes shaped by the traditional mountain uses (livestock, hunting, forestry) and which still retains its authentic character. Historic roads, trails, small towns and ancient settlements high in the Brañas, or mountain meadows, can be found throughout the entire territory, with broom-and-shrub-thatched stone cabins used by the vaqueiros de alzada (nomadic herdsmen) and mountain cattle breeders for shelter. The outstanding element in the landscape is also the beauty of the lakes, situated to the south of Somiedo, high up in the mountain ranges. The biosphere we travel through boasts some of the most rugged landscapes in Asturias, with slopes rising from 400 to 2,200 metres. A truly magnificent area to ride through and to be able to experience the rural culture, history as well as cuisine.

Departure & Return Location

Madrid, Barajas, Spain: arrival

Madrid,Barajas, Spain: departure

Date and Rates

16-22 September, 2023

€ 2,785 based on double occupancy

€ 160 single supplement

Price Includes

  • horses and guiding
  • set airport transfers Barajas Madrid
  • accommodation in hotels
  • full board: breakfast in the hotels, picnic lunch and dinner in restaurants
  • wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks
  • All transportation in destination location

Price Excludes

  • flights
  • tips
  • expenses of a personal nature
What to Expect

This is an adventurous 7 day, 6 night, 5 day ride taking you far off the beaten track. Be ready to ride for 5-6 hours per day with a picnic lunch midday in a beautiful location. You will be passing through spectacular valleys and traveling on ancient shepherd trails that were used to get from one village to the next since ancient times. It is important to be be fit and an experienced rider and be ready to get off and lead your horse for short distances if necessary.

The horses are sturdy cross breed mountain horses that are a great pleasure to ride. Our guides who are intimately aquainted with this very rugged part of Asturias are also very knowledgable about the flora and fauna of the region.

The cuisine and ciders of this region are legendary.

  • opportunity to ride beautiful mixed breed horses in one of the most rugged and remote [arts of Spain
  • sample the wonderful cuisine and ciders of Asturias
  • get a closer view of traditional rural life in these mountains and learn about its ancient history
  • enjoy the magnificent, ever-changing landscapes and learn about the extraordinary flora and fauna of this biosphere



Pick up in Madrid and transfer by road to the town of San Emiliano, in the region of Babia, gateway to the Natural Park of Somiedo. Accommodation at the hotel (where the horses will also sleep), where we will have a briefing of the details of the trip. First contact with the horses. Dinner in a local restaurant and rest.


On this first day of riding we will ride a circular route, to get used to our horse. If, for any reason, we are not comfortable with it, we will have the opportunity to change it before leaving the following day.

We will ride through a mid-mountain area, the Sierra de los Grajos, along cattle trails. We will have the opportunity to see the peaks of Las Ubiñas and cross large mountain pastures. We will have a picnic lunch in the countryside and return along the south side of the mountain range to San Emiliano. Dinner and lodging.

Estimated riding time (including stops): 7 hours (5 hours in the saddle).


After breakfast, we will ride and take a road that will lead us to the lonely Valverde Valley that we will cross by trails made by cattle and hunting. We will reach the Alto de la Farrapona (1,707 m), where a good picnic will be waiting for us to regain strength. In the afternoon we will pass through the Saliencia Lakes, small natural mountain lakes of incredible beauty. The more adventurous, weather permitting, can take a dip in its cold waters. Crossing a large mountain meadow we will reach the most complicated point of the day, down a narrow path on the side of the mountain, which will force us to dismount and lead the horse by foot in some sections. We will finally reach the village of Valle del Lago, where we will finish this stage. Overnight in a local hotel, dinner and rest.

Estimated riding time (including stops): 8 hours (6 hours in the saddle).


We will leave the hotel, prepare the horses and take the road to a narrow canyon that will lead us to the charming villages of Teitos and La Falguera, where we will be able to see good examples of the rural architecture of the area. After a demanding climb for the horses we will arrive at the Cordal de Villaux, a dividing range from where we will enjoy incredible views. From there we will descend towards the Valley of Teverga, crossing some brañas (groups of cwnturies-old shepherds' huts whose cows graze on the summits during the summer months). We will arrive in Teverga mid-afternoon, with time to rest, have dinner and spend the night in a local hotel.

Estimated riding time (including stops): 8 hours (6 hours in the saddle).


We will leave Teverga in the morning to climb up a narrow valley to the Collado de la Magdalena, at 1,600 m altitude, where we will stop for lunch. We will start the descent towards the valley of Saliencia, following narrow paths along the southern slope of the Cordal de la Mesa. Throughout the route the views are impressive, and we will also see some examples of the typical shepherds' huts (Cabanas de Teito). We will arrive at the village of Saliencia, where we will spend the night in a local hotel. 

Estimated riding time (including stops): 7 hours (5 hours in the saddle).


We will leave Saliencia and ride through a spectacular gorge, the Foz del Arroxu. A narrow path crosses this mountain pass where we may have to dismount and lead the horses by foot. We will reach the Camino Real de la Mesa, which traverses the mountain range at an altitude of 1,700 meters. We will ride a good stretch of this road, of prehistoric origin, which communicated the mountains of Asturias with the Castilian plateau, since time immemorial. The Romans built a road over this path, of which there are still some traces. From the Puerto de la Mesa, at 1,800 m, we will descend along a track to the town of Torrestío and, from there, through a wide valley to San Emiliano, returning to the point from which we left three days ago. Farewell dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Estimated riding time (including stops): 7 hours (5 hours in the saddle).


After breakfast, transfer by road to Madrid, with estimated arrival around 1:00 pm. Farewell to the travelers.

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