A nine day trail through the magnificent wilderness of the Carpathian Mountains.

You will follow hidden paths, pass through spruce forests, ride up to mountain plateaus, enjoy magnificent views and most importantly, you will follow fresh bear tracks.

Experience an unforgettable adventure in Székely Land. Become part of a world in which time seems to stand still; here farmers in the mountains still cultivate their fields with working horses and countless shepherds spend their days tending the flock, roaming freely through the mountains. On the back of our crossbred Lippizan horses you truly access this beautiful natural world. Not only will you travel far off the beaten track but you will also travel back in time. 

A special highlight awaits on the fifth day when you will be able to observe native brown bears in their natural habitat.

Departure & Return Location

We recommend the airports of Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, Targu Mures or Bucharest. 

Transfers to and from airport can be arranged . The cost runs from € 85- € 160 per car one way depending on the airport. 

Date and Rates

22.- 29.05. 2022

19.-26. 06. 2022

03.-10.07. 2022

28.08.-04.09. 2022

09.-16.10. 2022

23.-30.10. 2022

Price Includes

  • sure footed and reliable horses and all the necessary gear
  • 3 overnights at the ranch and 5 overnights in cosy pensions
  • experienced English speaking guide
  • local alcoholic beverages
  • bear observation

Price Excludes

  • All Flights
  • Transfers to and from the airport or train station
  • Any Private Expenses
  • Tips
What to Expect

The western Carpathian Mountains form a semi-circle around Transylvania, which is one of Romania’s nine historical provinces. You will ride reliable sure footed trekking horses through one of the most remote and wild regions of Europe. These mountains  are home to one of the largest undisturbed forests in Europe with over 400 unique species of mammals that call these mountains home. 60% of the European brown bear population lives in the Carpathian Mountains and you will have the opportunity to observe them in their natural habitat. 

After acclimating at the ranch and aquatinting ourselves with the horses, we will set out on an adventurous trail ride led by an expert guide who was born and raised in these mountains. He is also a geographer and geologist and it will be his pleasure to share his knowledge about the interesting formations as well as the diverse flora and fauna. 

On this ride we will also have the opportunity to meet the local people, there will be an evening where musicians will gather to play the local music of the region on traditional instruments. Special to this ride is that we will also meet a bear specialist who will be able to tell us many things abut these beautiful animals and answer your questions. 

We stay in small and cosy pensions, taste delicious local home cooked meals and immerse ourselves in this mountain world for the week. 


  • Ride well trained and sure-footed Lippizan cross horses
  • Experience one of the wildest and most naturally diverse regions of Europe
  • Observe the European Brown Bear in his natural environment
  • Immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of the West Carpathians
  • Observe an old traditional way of life that is still very much alive in these mountains
  • Learn more about the flora and fauna of this wonderful region


Day 1 Arrival at the ranch

After your arrival in Gheorgheni, you will be taken on an adventurous off-road car ride to the ranch which is located in a remote corner of the Eastern Carpathian Mountains. With a little luck we might spot a deer, a capercaillie bird or even a bear. Once you have arrived at the ranch, you can unwind after your long journey by immersing yourself in the warm salt water of the ‘Hot Pot’. After meeting the horses you will move into your room and the cook Brigitta, will serve an original Szekler for dinner, in the rustic log cabin.

Day 2 Acclimating and introductory ride

On this day you can sleep in if you like and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Thee is the opportunity to acquiant yourself with the surroundings and for a walk. After lunch we will saddle up the horses and g for an introductory ride of 1 1/2 hours. THis will give you a chance to choose a suitable horse and get aquatinted before setting out for the week. Repacking your belongings that afternoon and then a nice dinner and perhaps a ‘Hot Pot’ dip and a chat next to the campfire before heading for bed in preparation for the beginning of the trek the next day.

Day 3 Depart from the ranch to the Gheorgheni Valley

After breakfast, we will discuss the details of our tour together. Then you will pack your day’s luggage into the saddlebags and we will start the first part of our tour, on which you can get to know your horse a bit better. We will follow a small path that will lead us to the source of the Olt, the second largest river in Romania. At its source, we will water our horses and continue to ride uphill through dense spruce forests and towards Mount Sípos. Once we’ll have reached the summit (1568m), we will stop for lunch and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Harghita Mountains. Strengthened and full of energy, we will then ride downhill over flowering mountain meadows and into the Gheorgheni valley, where the open plains are ideal for short canters. We will spend the night in a comfortable mountain guesthouse.

Duration of the ride approx. 5.5 hours

Day 4 Gheorgheni to Szekely Varsag

The longest day in the saddle awaits you. After a rich and typical Romanian breakfast, we will ride up a steep trail to the summit of the mountain “Del Hegy” (1650 m). The intricate path promises to be adventurous. Occasionally we will need to dismount and hike a little way with our four-legged friends. Possibly we might spot some fresh bear tracks along the way. For lunch we will stop on a meadow with view of the snow-covered peaks of the “Kelemen Alps” (2100 m). Once we’re back in the saddle, we will be headed towards a volcanic mountain plateau, which offers a spectacular view of the village “Szekely Varsag”. We will be staying here for the night. In the pension you will be indulged with local specialties and a roast lamb from the oven. The bath barrel which is filled with saltwater invites you to relax after this long day.

Duration of the ride approx. 7 hours

Day 5 Székelyvarsmg to bear observation point

In the morning we will ride around the area surrounding the village Székelyvarsmg. Having passed fields and cultivated land we will reach another wild mountain range. In former times the “Road of the Salt”, an old trade route, led through this area. You will experience how difficult it was to pass through this terrain. In continuation of this path, we will ride through thinly distributed forests and reach a wide, open plain where numerous shepherds keep watch over their flock. You will spend the night in a former riding-stable, which has been converted into a cozy guesthouse. After having been greeted by our host Istvmn with Palinka and homemade cheese pastries, you will be taken on a bear safari. From a safe distance, you will observe the brown bears while they are feeding, playing or even mating. Back in the pension a hearty dinner will be awaiting you: goulash, homemade dumplings and fresh porcini mushrooms as well as chanterelles will invite you to feast and enjoy.

Duration of the ride approx. 5 hours

Day 6 Onwards to Liban

n the morning we will say farewell to our host Istvan and his team and continue our trail-ride. Today we will reach the Harghita plateau, where we will have the opportunity to trot and canter. Once we’ll have passed the Zetelaki water reservoir and the Sikasszó brook we will be in the southern part of the Gheorgheni-Alps. On our way to our accommodation in Liban, we will be riding through dense pine forests.

Duration of the ride approx. 5 hours

Day 7 On to Marosfö

After having had breakfast and saddling our horses we will once again return to the wilderness. On small paths we will ride uphill to the summit of the “Ostorosz”, from which you will enjoy the breathtaking view of the Madarasi Mountain Range. After having crossed the Maros River, we will arrive in the tranquil village Marosfö, where we will be accommodated in a small family-run guesthouse. The homemade apple pie will be awaiting you.

Duration of the ride approx. 6 hours

Day 8 Mount Sipo back to the ranch

On your last, shorter riding day you will once again ride up to the summit of Mount Sipos. From there we will ride along a clear mountain stream which will guide us back to our ranch. After having released our horses, you will have time to relax, to review the week and to talk to your fellow riders at the campfire about the exciting adventure you have all had. Our cook will be preparing fresh trout for dinner.

Duration of the ride approx. 4 hours.

Day 9 Departure

After a hearty breakfast, we will drive you to Gheorgheni, from where you will start your individual journey back home.

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